The Concept

We are your partner in the establishment of your branch in China.

Start on our production areas and use our infrastructure.

We make your start in China a success.

Our Service

We take over all administrative tasks for you and you can concentrate on your product

Our legal, financial and HR departments will assist you in all matters with their expertise.

Your Production

You rent the production area that you need for your start in China. Not more and not less.

Our central warehouse and logistics take care of your material supply.

Take your time

On our website you will find all the important information you need for the first step.

We are happy if we can convince you with our concept.

If you have any questions, we are at your service.

Industry Deyang

Here is a small excerpt of the industrial sectors of Deyang Industrial Park. But there is more to discover in the fast-growing industry district.


Deyang is the center of China when it comes to building turbines.


The heavy industry has been connected with Deyang since the start of its industrial park.


Renewable energies are on the rise in China. Deyang is one of the major manufacturers.

StartFactory Deyang

Let us support you, on your way to China

Tel.: +86 838 2228123
Anshan Road 39
Kaixin Technology Building
61800 Deyang / Sichuan
V.R. China
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Das Konzept

Wir sind Ihr Partner bei der Grúndung Ihrer Niederlassung in China.

Starten Sie auf unseren Produktionsflächen und nutzen Sie unsere Infrastruktur.

Wir machen Ihren Start in China zum Erfolg.

Unser Service

Wir übernehmen alle administrativen Aufgaben für Sie und Sie können sich ganz auf das Wesentliche konzentrieren.

Unsere Rechts-, Finanz- und HR Abteilung werden Sie in allen Angelegenheit mit ihrer Expertise unterstützen.

Ihre Produktion

Sie mieten die Produktionsfläche, die Sie für Ihren Start in China benötigen. Nicht mehr und nicht weniger.

Unser Zentrallager und Logistik kümmert sich um Ihre Materialversorgung.

Ihr Weg nach China.
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We will support your business to open up new markets in China.

China developed from a location for cheap production to a big, technically sophisticated sales market with wages doubling within the past five years.

The economy continuous to offer a great opportunity for midsized companies but the costs are an increasingly important factor in the process of establishing a business in China.

The industrial district of Shanghai, Guangzhou or Shenzen (to name a few) lost popularity among manufacturing companies  due to increasing wages.

Southeast China still provides key advanteges for medium-sized, german enterprises as a result of goverment subsidy programmes and lower labour costs.


We are a german engineering company which employs 650 engineers across 9 locations in Germany and 3 locations in China.

Besides offering our engineering services in Jilin City and Suzhou since 2014, construction design and manufacturing of cutting dies for the german automotiv industry has been another core area of our business.

 As an engineering company with five years of experience in the chinese market we are a competent and reliable partner for mid-sized enterprises seeking to expand to China.


The StartFactory is more than just a production site. The StartFactory offers your business a tailored service  to reduce the risks taken by expanding to China. We will make sure that the launch of your business will go as smooth and as successful as possible.

You only rent the production area you actually need and all administrative tasks will be carried out by our team. Our lineup of attorneys and financial experts will already be available for assistance during the planning of your expansion to ensure a trouble-free transition.


We will advice you in any legal issue regarding your business in China
We will advice you with applying for enterprise allowance/state funding and support you in any negotiations with the goverment.
We will connect you with the revenue authorities and make you familiar with the specifics of the chinese financial system
We accompany you with the application for your business accounts and the compilation of all necessary documents


We are partners of the Government of Deyang. This allows us to ensure that your project is processed quickly and reliably.

In order to make your communication in Germany easy and smooth for you, we have set up an office in Bremen together with the government of Deyang. Our staff at site take care of all your concerns and will assist you at all times.


Reduce your investments down to the essentials
No unnecessary staff costs for administrative tasks
No unnecessary staff costs for "indirect" activities
No costs for staff recruitment and training
You will be working with a well-rehearsed and competent team
You communicate in English and thus prevent unnecessary complications and misunderstandings
As an engineering company we are your partner for all technical questions and problems as well

Only rent what you need!

Only pay for the area you actually need for your production. If yout production grows, we can add the required space.

No unecessary costs for logistics!

Using our central warehous for your in- and outgoing goods will keep your costs for logistics low and manageable.

Low management costs!

We take care of the operational management of your production, ensure quality as well as adherence to the schedule.

No risk regarding personnel costs!

We take over all administrative and managment functions for you. This eliminates searching for suiteable and qualified personnel during the start of your business in china.

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